My Mopar Truck Screensaver 1.0

My Mopar Truck Screensaver Collection – Home – Version 1.0

Dodge Ram SRT-10
Above: Dodge Ram SRT-10. Photo from 440magnum Network archives.

My Mopar Truck High Definition (HD) Screensaver 1.0

A free Widescreen High Definition 1080p Screensaver featuring a collection of Dodge, Plymouth and RAM Truck photos from the 440magnum Mopar enthusiast network archives.

Built for Mopar Truck enthusiasts, the My Mopar Truck 1.0 screensaver contains 45 full screen* HD (High Definition) images.

My Mopar Truck Version 1.0 saver is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows 7.

(It also works with Windows Vista and Windows XP)

Download & Setup Instructions:

This screensaver was designed for and uses full screen HD 1920×1080 resolution images. It also has the ability to resize the images for smaller screens. It will also work with larger screen sizes, but the images will remain at a maximum 1920×1080 size with a black border.

1 – Download The My Mopar Truck Screensaver:

(32.7 MB)

2 – When you have completed the download double click the self-extracting file to setup the screensaver. The My Mopar Truck Screensaver is extremely easy to use.

Featured Dodge, Plymouth and RAM Truck’s In This HD Screensaver:

Version 1.0 contains a collection of Dodge, Plymouth and RAM truck photos from the 440magnum Mopar Enthusiast Network archives.

My Mopar Truck 1.0 Screensaver History:

  • v1.3.HD: June 21, 2022 – Added 7 new screens, optimized files.
  • v1.2.HD: April 19, 2017 – Added support for Windows 10, both 32bit and 64bit.
  • v1.1.HD: March 6, 2013 – Minor update, optimized images.
  • v1.0.HD: January 20, 2013 – First general public www release.

* Full screen at 1920×1080.

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